September 6, 2018

the pumpkins are here!

It’s that time of the year for me… time to stock up on pumpkins for the season. Roger’s Gardens is only five minutes away from me, so I headed over there first thing this morning to check out their amazing selection.

I need white ones for sure!

They’re always super versatile and always look great!

These are fun!

And, oh my, these blue – gray - green pumpkins are amazing!

Yes, these are real live pumpkins...

so pretty!

Pumpkins scattered everywhere…

and here’s my shopping cart.

I didn’t do so badly...

I plan on mixing in a few faux pumpkins into the mix 😏

 ciao! fabiana

September 2, 2018

amber glass and pumpkin spice

Happy first Sunday in September! It’s so nice that the temperatures have dropped here just a little bit and that fall really seems like it’s arrived.

It’s my favorite time of the year to bring out what I call my “glass menagerie”. Those are favorite pieces from my collection of different colored glassware that I’ve collected over time, including this amazing amber color.

As you can see I like to use it a lot for fall tablescapes. It captures the light just right and really adds sparkle to the table.

The alfresco tablescape below is one I created exclusively for Romantic Homes. I just wanted to use subtle colors of the season for this table to really make the glasses be the star of the show. 

I love how these amber glasses twinkle with the candlelight and setting sun. These are vintage glasses also called "Depression Glass" because it was mostly made during the 1930's.

Keep your eyes open for glasses like these in all colors, especially at flea markets, estate sales and even on ebay!  

Also featured in Romantic Homes this month are my super yummy Pumpkin Spice Spritz Cookies. You're in for a special seasonal treat with these buttery cookies.

Hop on over to Romantic Homes to get the whole recipe. They’re really easy to make, and all you need is a cookie press to shape these adorable pumpkin-shaped cookies.

Wishing you a relaxing loooong weekend,

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x o  x o

 ciao! fabiana


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