March 16, 2018

kyle richards' new house

If you watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, then you saw Kyle fall in love with a gorgeous new house. Well, technically it’s an old house, as it was built in 1912, but recently remodeled.

This stunning home is known as the former Smokey Robinson Estate and is located behind impressive iron gates on one and a half acres, and it’s not in Bel Air or Beverly Hills. It’s in the valley, in beautiful Encino.

To me the Kyle and Mauricio story line seemed a little phony, like they already knew they were going to buy the house, but were pretending not to know if they really wanted to move.

So here's the home, in all its "multiple listing" photo glory. 

They did in fact move in around October,  
so we won't be seeing her well-known Bel Air
home anymore on the show.


she kept talking about all season.

A pretty vintage fireplace and mantel.

The kitchen was recently renovated.

But what’s really spectacular,

I love the vintage charm of this home!

And I can’t wait to see it
next season on the RHOBH.

I’m sure she’ll have one of her

 ciao! fabiana

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A peek at the Real Housewives' Homes

photo credit:  MLS

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