March 24, 2018

the easter tablescape blues

Happy Saturday!

I’ve spent most of the day
Spring cleaning, decluttering the house
and rearranging my backyard furniture,
so it was fun to get back to my photos and
edit them today!

Over the last two weeks I’ve been playing around
with some different color combos that

A few little kumquats look amazing  
contrasting the complimentary colors
in the tablescape perfectly!

My neighbor Susan has a kumquat tree with
probably tens of thousands of kumquats
on it right now!

She has so many that she actually
sells most of them to our local farmer’smarket.

Anyways, she was kind enough

Thanks, Susan! 

If you’ve never tried a kumquat,
you must, if you have the opportunity.

They’re little citrus fruits that you eat whole,
and they have a very sweet rind and are sour inside…

A subtle contrast of baby blue also works well
with blue and white plates in the indigo color family.

soften the look of the table.

I was really flattered last week when
on their instagram page!

I absolutely love how the cabbageware

both from Home Goods!! 

Switching things up a bit,

My brother-in-law, Rob brought me
these vibrant orchids last time he was over,
and I sprinkled a few flowers on the table
for a fun contrast in color!

The best of both colors really
comes shining through, 
don’t you think?

Same with the bright yellow daffodils and tulips

so, which color combo should I go for on Easter?

ciao! fabiana


Ileana said...

Where did you get the bunny plates?

Claudia Fabiana said...

Hi Ileana.

The bunny plates are from Home Goods aka TJ Maxx.

Thanks for asking!


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