May 25, 2011

back yard mini make-over

a work in progress...

We just finished a mini make-over
of our patio and pool area,
and added a new fire pit.

Now comes the fun part,

The photos I took are a work in progress. 

I'm currently looking for a
7-8 foot long rectangular dining table
and am having cushions made in Sunbrella's Sand color. 

Pillows will be muted shades of blues, greens and tans. 
 I need all the inspiration I can get.  
I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

I think a bright punch of color would be fun...

lambs ears, thyme, and succulents

wating for a cushion
and solid colored throw pillows

Master-mason, Randy Speer,
helped us create 
the plan we had imagined,
we're so happy with the results!  

He added the fire pit in a dark gray concrete finish
and built a new counter to match for our bbq station.

an area for barstools now
Now we have room for four bar stools.  
He also poured a new patio area 
for our lounge chairs that previously was an small, 
unused patch of grass. 
And, one of favorite parts of the make-over 
was getting rid of a large brick planter 
that was between our house and bbq. 

the former grassy area.

In its place, we built a zig-zagged brick seating area
that I call my little "Laguna Cafe". 
It was inspired by all the quirky and fun brick work
and styles I love seeing in Laguna Beach. 

I added two small granite and iron cafe tables,
and a vintage wrought iron sign
that we found at an antique store in Pismo Beach. 

backyard buddies

ciao! fabiana


  1. Simply lovely and that last photo is the sweetest!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Love your many wonderful spots to enjoy! How wonderful just for your family or for a party.

  3. If you like fabric with stripes : They do gifts for the G8 in Deauville. I like your backyard..

  4. I wish i had a garden! I've never been in California but i spent two years in Cocoa Beach, Fl, and i had the best time ever! I do love the US!
    You now have a french follower!
    Have a sweet day!


  5. You have a lovely backyard and so much space to work with! Definitely agree with adding splashes of colour! Have fun with it!

    p.s. love those havaianas. where can I get them?

  6. Gorgeous Patio - i need that Fish in my backyard!!! :) thanks for sharing over at Fishtail Cottage Garden Party! oxox, tracie

  7. I am looking into redoing my backyard. Since my queensland healer has torn it apart..Hoping since he is older and more settled down, I can do something and bring it back to life. It will be my project possibly next spring. THANKS for sharing.. very lovely!

  8. Just lovely!! And, the last picture is the best!! Found you via Michele Raven Designs and am your newest follower. Pop on over for a visit if you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  9. Looks great. I can just imagine sitting around the BBQ with a glass of wine.
    Bright colours would be fun in summer.
    Visiting from Primp

  10. Looking good! I love the little cafe area and can see the appies and bottle of wine in the afternoon....I'm going to Rogers today to check out their summer sale merch; maybe they have a table for you??


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