May 14, 2011

easy cappuccino the italian way

do it Neapolitan style!

Making a cappuccino is my incentive 
to get myself out of bed every morning 
and start my day.  

It's so easy with a stove-top espresso maker, 
like the Neapolitan flip-drip style aka 
macchinetta napoletana, shown above and below. 
It's the same style my Nonna 
used when I was growing up.  

The aroma of the espresso fills the air, 
and I'm transported back to her 
kitchen in Campobasso.  

All you need to do is froth your 
warm non-fat milk or soy, 
and you have instant gratification!  

My favorite coffees are 
Trader Joe's 
Organic Five Country Blend Espresso 
or Illy Medium Roast 

Another option is the standard 
Bialetti Moka Espresso maker, 
also for your stove-top.  

They both make excellent coffee, 
and they come in lots 
of different sizes.  

You won't be disappointed!  
These are usually available at 
Sur La Table,  or Amazon.

Need a little sweet to 
go with your cappuccino?  

Have you tried Nonni's Biscotti.  
They come in lots of flavors, 
but cioccolati is my favorite.  

It's a crisp almond biscotti, 
that's simply dipped in rich chocolate.  
It's perfect way I start my day everyday!  

ciao! fabiana


annies home said...

love it very classy

Michelle said...

oh - makes me want cappuccino!!!! :)

andrea@townandprairie said... sounds so good! I'm a flop at cooking! It is always so much better when someone makes it for me. Signing on as a new follower! Andrea @ townandprairie

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I'm a total cappuccino lover, and when I lived in Napoli, the only way to make coffee was with the flip macchinetta. I should pull it back out of my Roman cupboard and start making my morning cappuccino with it again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mindie Hilton said...

I love my coffee. Saw your beautiful cup of cap at Tater Tots and Jello and wanted to invite you to link up at
I miss the beach, I grew up in southern cali but but moved from the central coast to northern cali about 5 years ago.


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