March 11, 2018

random sunday stuff + new tablescapes

Some of my favorite books. (See below for links.)

We had a super rainy day yesterday, which we Californians don’t experience that often.

So with the cool, wet weather outside, I spent the day inside cooking up a few goodies and catching up on some reading. The bunnies also came out to play...

There was also a lot of cleaning and organizing going on, but that’s too boring to talk about.

Here's the fun stuff...

I put together a few more blue table settings to keep in my little library of tablescape options. As you know, I’ve been collecting blue and white transferware for a long time.

And I have to admit, on Friday, I had another little adventure in thrifting which turned up a lot of new little gems, like these vintage chinoiserie plates, pictured above. 

They're the perfect hue of blue that I love!

I also found a couple of these Petit Déjeuner plates, originally from Williams-Sonoma… only $1 each! Yay! They're so perfect for a little table setting à la française.

that I’m really excited about! 

One is on succulents, another one’s about companion gardening with flowers and veggies and the third is all about growing tasty herbs and other healthy goodies. All perfect rainy day reads. And it gets me so motivated to get out and spruce up the garden for spring.

Check back soon for more on these fabulous books.

I must get over there this week and check it out!  

And they also have these super-fabulous

so purty!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and

Don’t forget we lose an hour today,
and tomorrow will be our hardest hit day...


 ciao! fabiana

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