March 22, 2018

more easter tablescape inspo

Do you ever feel like you get pulled
in lots of different directions?

There are only so many hours in a day,
 and so much to get done!

the struggle is real!!

Today was a great day to check
lots of things of the list…

ü getting Easter candy at See’s
ü planning the Easter menu
ü shopping for Easter groceries
ü setting the Easter table
ü clearing the clutter around the house!

As you’ve seen the last couple of weeks,
just for fun


also to get an idea of what direction
I want to go for on our actual Easter table.

This one with the moss bunny was a favorite,

I have a few different sets of cute bunny plates,
so I started with those first and then 
accessorized around them.

And I love these little vintage egg cups

they’re super fun to include on the table.

but sometimes, I pull myself in a different direction!

 Don’t know what it is,
but I’ve been obsessed with cabbage plates lately

and then

I found four panels of this amazing
shabby chic chintz fabric the other day…


I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

cabbageware and chintz!

Stay tuned for the final table reveal!


 ciao! fabiana

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