March 21, 2018

an Easter table with a twist

Inspiration is one of my favorite words.

I think I do use it a lot here on the blog,
but it’s a big part of my life.

I love finding inspiration in the littlest of things…

I usually get inspired by something, and then something else, so sometimes I end up with an quirky combo of ideas. There are times when I really have to reel it in! 

For this tablescape, I had several points of inspiration... Easter, vibrant yellow flowers contrasting with classic blue and white china, and (here comes the quirky part) some of my favorite vintage souvenir plates. 

And to finish off the look, I also wanted to throw in a few blue and white odds and ends that were adorable thrift store finds, like these mismatched creamers and sugar bowls. I thought they'd be really cute down the center of the table filled with yellow flowers.

Of course, this time of year, Trader Joe's has little daffodil bunches for I think about $1.49! 

They're so perfect for spring and and for me are an instant mood booster! 

I love collecting souvenir plates of some of my favorite places, and La Jolla is definitely near the top of my list!

Seattle is another one of my favorite destinations.

Chicago, yes!

This plate is a little different than most of
the ones I have and it features
 the Brulatour Courtyard in New Orleans,
from a series of plates called
“Scenes of Old New Orleans”.

I’ve never been to New Orleans.
but it’s on my wish list!

This New York plate is a little different too,
since it’s not blue and white transferware,
but I still fell in love with it!

I’m really looking forward to Easter!

We’ll have the family over here for brunch
and then host a fun egg hunt for the little ones.

What are your plans?

ciao! fabiana

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