April 7, 2017

collecting : blue and white

Blue and white objects 
are one of my weaknesses.

I really love the classic style
they bring to a space and
their sense of familiarity. 

Blue and white pieces are
the chameleons of the design world.

They literally can fit in 
with almost every kind of décor. 

When I’m in an antique shop or thrift store,
I seem to have a sort of
extra sensory perception for anything blue and white 
and zone in on that object!

I love how you can

In my home,
 I have a few key pieces of
blue and white pottery that I love 
and move around from time to time,
when the mood suits me.

They’re so fun to collect too!

I’m especially on the hunt for
state and holiday plates,
I’m out and about.

State plates or souvenir plates 
can tell such a fun story.

And, there are a lot of pretty ones out there!

Our everyday dishes are blue and white,
but over the years, 
I've collected quite a few different sets. 
They're so easy to coordinate 
with each other. 

We also have a pretty set of
blue and white melamine plates for outdoor dining. 

I love how they look with other colors too,
especially aqua.

There’s something about that
vibrant cobalt and white 
combo that really draws me in…

Do you any have favorite
pieces in your home?

Fill me in…
I’d love to know!

ciao! fabiana


Anonymous said...

Like you, I've been collecting blue and white pieces for years. I love the look, and have many pieces similar to the ones you've pictured here. In fact, I have the exact same pot that you show holding asparagus ferns against a brick wall. Love that piece! (I need to get a nice plant to set inside it.)
~~Carol in SD

Claudia Fabiana said...

How funny! Yes, I love that piece.

Have a great weekend!


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