April 1, 2017

this year's kitchen & bath trends

Kohler is now sharing its d├ęcor trends and design expertise with its 2017 Kitchen and Bath Trends. 

With their help, they say they can turn our homes into Instagram-worthy living spaces without breaking the bank! In creating the Kohler 2017 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends, the company discusses details: what particular colors mean, how to use them, and what’s trending right now. 

Here’s a little peek at some of the aspects that I love from their new collection of trends…

In this gorgeous black-and-white kitchen, a wash of bright white counters cover the island and punctuate the grand room sheathed in black cabinets. 

If you’re an eclectic person, having your kitchen be a solid black and white is important because you may have bright colors that you want to incorporate. 

The space combines timeless quality with a perfect modern mix.

You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen or bath. Trends come and go, but white kitchens are overwhelmingly the most popular. They feel clean and bright. Since it is typically the first place homeowners go in the morning, white makes a lot of sense.

Nevertheless, a white room can look stark, so the challenge is to keep it crisp and clean but still make it an inviting space. One way to soften the look of a white kitchen is with warm tones like brass, gold, or bronze. In this classic galley kitchen, the scheme gives it a modern edge by using countertops with subtle flecks of gold and brass fixtures instead of nickel or chrome.

Brass and bronze elements brings out those little flecks of gold and reflect a little bit of light and create a warm ambience without you really knowing it.

Keep It in Neutral! Today’s neutrals play in a more unusual palette than you might expect—think pale icy blue and blush sand and more refreshing straight-from-nature shades than your standard beige. They’re perfect for small rooms. Just because a space is smaller, does not mean you have to use color less, you just have to use it wisely.

These more transparent pales diffuse light beautifully and lend themselves particularly well to elements of contrast. In this tiny house kitchen, a matte black faucet and an olive countertop pop against icy blue cabinets.

Another room where you start your day? The bathroom, of course! This elegant white bath is energized with a modern mix of metals—a bold brass chandelier paired with titanium bath fixtures. Warm wood floors ground the room and soften the look of the all-white space. It’s just enough “clean and bright” for a morning pick-me-up, without jolting you into the day.

The main thing is the reflection, making sure that it didn’t feel bogged down by the color and the texture. And, of course, a moody atmosphere is perfect for a powder room or a master bath. 

Here in this Victorian-inspired bathroom, smoky grays and dusty browns are paired with a metallic wallcovering and warm bronze light fixtures, giving a glow that radiates through an already welcoming room.

In this master bath, bold chevron floor tiles offset the glossy white tub with a matte black exterior. Highlights of bronze, brass, or copper work particularly well layered into the overall design—here bronze adds a touch of warmth to this dynamic space.

Did you know Kohler's rich heritage as a bathroom and kitchen innovator boasts many industry firsts, including the world's first cast iron bath tub and the first colored bathroom suite? Pretty cool!

All tips and photos provided by Kohler. 

ciao! fabiana

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