April 8, 2017

april garden

My garden is my
little sanctuary.

A place where I can be creative
& reap in its rewards.

Here are a few vignettes from my garden today...

These two girls are the 
rock stars of the garden, lol.

Who's the fairest one of all?

This bronze colored cameo girl came from Roger's Gardens and
the frame is from Ikea, and painted gold.

Here's my work space in the herb garden.

This potting table was built onto the shed
by my friend George two years ago
and I love it!

It's the perfect work space
for potting, feeding and organizing stuff.

I just gave it a fresh coat of white paint
and now we're all ready for summer.

This aqua colored stool is brand new 
and available at Target, 
but I got mine on Amazon 
and it was delivered in two days!

I love how the borage reseeded itself from last year’s plants
and are now growing happily
between the brick stepping stones.

a beautiful herb with blue flowers 
that taste like cucumbers.

It's perfect for dressing up a salad!

The apple tree is in bloom too!

This little bunny shares his spot
with an urn full of
thyme and oregano.

This sweet flock of flamingos 
keeps watch over my row of tomatoes...

Baby blueberries...

and the lavender fairy
sits on vintage bench 
in the middle of the flower bed.

Judging from these pictures,
I guess I'm never quite alone in the garden...
I've got lots of company. 

ciao! fabiana

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