April 15, 2017

home and garden in the desert

My favorite spot  
 to visit this past weekend was  
one of the most photographed
places in Palm Springs this season. 
It's the ranch-style house of
located on Racquet Club Road in Palm Springs.

Artist Doug Aitken covered every
surface of this mid-century style home in mirror.
It reflects the surrounding desert landscape
in the most beautiful ways,
and each time of day is different.
Each time you visit will be a new experience.

It’s the ultimate mirage in the desert!

April is also the perfect month to visit
the “Living Desert”.

It’s another fabulous family-friendly
excursion in Palm Desert,
filled with gorgeous native and exotic animals

The grounds are an interesting tapestry of

A truly beautiful place!

Among some of my favorite animals there were the
mountain lions, fennec foxes and giraffes.

And where else in the US can you get to ride a camel?

Giraffe feeding is
also a popular activity at the Living Desert.
It’s so fun to get up close and personal
with these huge and amazing creatures!

But I think our favorite activity there was
visiting the butterfly exhibit.

I’ve never seen such beautiful butterflies anywhere else.

Here’s a fun little guy I captured on my smart phone…

a hungry little monarch butterfly

ciao! fabiana

animal photos via The Living Desert on instagram

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