April 28, 2017

spring blooms and vintage bottles

Do you know this flower?

....It's one of my favorites,
and it just explodes with blooms in April and May.

I first saw it
years ago
 in my neighbor Nancy's garden,
and I immediately
went out a bought one for 
my garden.

Now it's over six feet tall and full of flowers
that are great for cutting and bringing in the house.

It almost looks like a hydrangea,
but the blooms start off a pretty chartreuse color

and then transform into a creamy white shade.... 

This little amethyst bottle
has a story to tell too,
but I’ll save that for
another day!

ciao! fabiana


  1. Hi! Your flowers are from the Snowball Viburnum--they are lovely and make a great spring bouquet. Love your bottle--it is perfect with the snowball viburnum.

  2. Beautiful. Viburnum. Love it. Have three bushes in my yard. Still on green stage.

    1. Thank you Sandy. Wow, I bet you get lots of pretty cut flowers for the house!

  3. What variety of Viburnum are those? Love them and have to have them in my garden!

    1. Hi! It's a Snowball Viburnum. It starts out a little slow, but it comes back stronger and bigger every year.


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