April 8, 2017

aerin lauder for williams sonoma

I’m really loving the gorgeous new
Aerin Collection by Williams-Sonoma Home.

Have you seen it?

I just got the catalog this week
and am so tempted to order a few of
the beautiful blue outdoor pillows.

The only problem is, 
the ones I love are a little pricey,
at about $80 dollars each!

I would totally splurge
on these
ikat ones on the left,
but I would need several
of these to make a bold statement.

So that order is on hold for the moment…

Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of
Estee Lauder,
and she and her family have 
an amazing estate in Palm Beach 
where these photos were taken,
more on that later… 

This entire line is truly beautiful!

Well, since my
Aerin ikat pillows are on hold for now,
I have to show you what I found at
Target this morning… 

Not quite ikat,
but they are in the same 
genre of color and geometric pattern,

Target had these on sale.
Here’s the price difference:

Target Brushed Diamond Blue by Threshold$13.50 &
Aerin for W-S Outdoor Printed Medallion Ikat, $79.

So I did end up getting a few at Target 
this morning…

and they look fabulous!

ciao! fabiana

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