April 5, 2017

housewives' parties, vanderpump style

Wow, what a finale last night on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! You can always count on a few shouting matches at the most glamorous of parties. 

I really get soooo excited checking out all the details of the party décor, and Lisa Vanderpump with the help of party planner Kevin Lee always makes it fun to watch!

The party décor really got my attention, which helped to balance out all the drama. The arguing took a back seat, for me, as I soaked in all the details of twinkle lights, candles, the pink and rosé furnishings, all the mirrors and fabulous appetizers that were circulating about. 

I really loved the comfy rosé colored sofas and chairs arranged under the flowy cabanas in Lisa's amazing backyard. 

Candelabras, votives and oodles and oodles of pink roses were sprinkled throughout the party, and the dress code was of course, diamonds and rosé. 

There were a few “out there” hairstyles, but overall everyone look beautiful, and they had the option of being crowned with a lovely rose garland for their hair upon arriving.

Here’s another lovely table of Lisa’s that got me inspired. I think this look with the pink rose tablecloth would be gorgeous for mother’s day.

Lisa’s signature color is of course pink, and she totally goes overboard with the pink roses and other flowers, but it really works, don’t you think?

Well, party season is now officially over for the Beverly Hills housewives. I did miss seeing Kyle’s white party this year. 

They didn’t film it for the show, I guess, but these BH gals always throw great parties!! You can’t compare their parties to any of the other housewives franchises. 

Now we’re gearing up for the Real Housewives of New York City. Will you be watching?

I think Dorinda is the only one who really enjoys throwing dinner parties at her own home in the Berkshires, and always tries to “make it nice”, otherwise most of the NY housewives' parties are held in restaurants. 

Bethenny can throw a great party too, but they’re always filled with so much placement of her own personal products, in an obnoxious sort of way, that it sometimes takes away from the fun ambiance of a party, for me.

One big party this year in NYC will be Luann’s wedding, but only one of the other NYC housewives will be there. 


ciao! fabiana

photos via Bravo and Lisa Vanderpump on instagram


Charmaine Els said...

Love every party Lisa throughs, very few women can, very attentive and detailed.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Yes, they look so pretty, with a heavy dose of drama on the side!

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