August 22, 2014

a peek at Lisa Vanderpump's "Pump"

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills' 
Lisa Vanderpump's new restaurant Pump is stunning!
And, surprise, surprise look who collaborated with her on the decor...
Bravo's own Jeff Lewis, talented designer and idiosyncratic reality star.  
 Pump is filled with glamour, drama and sexy details.
You enter the courtyard through a wrought iron gate, 
which is embellished with a golden coat of arms.
So British! 
 Olive trees and candles create a intimate setting.
Here are three different vignettes of that same space.
Lighting is the key to a romantic mood
 A group of vintage chandeliers above the bar is stunning
You can always count on Lisa for glamourous details.
{pretty cocktails too}
Vintage finishes and furnishings add to the charm.
  Wouldn't you love to lunch with these two?

Photos via Domaine Home and Pump.

 ciao! Fabiana
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