January 3, 2012

how to host a white party like Kyle

How to Throw your own White Party:

1. Start with white invites. Pick up simple white invitations at a party store. Stick to white and silver, and fill out each card with a shimmery silver pen. Make sure to clearly outline the dress code in the invitations, and the rules of the white-elephant gift exchange (we’ll get to those in a minute!). We wouldn’t want anyone to show up in black at the white party, right?! 

2. Make it outdoors. Keep your white party bright, and let the sun shine on your guests. Choose white flowers like roses, hydrangeas, lilies, camellias, and paperwhites as outdoor accents for your party-goers to enjoy, and set up tables on a patio or deck. If it’s nice-weather time,  enjoy the warmth and pretty outside-setting. 

3. Keep your menu white. Keep things simple with lots of hor d'oeuvres. Try a white-chocolate fountain with various fruit (strawberries and bananas — yum!) and small cookies for dipping. White cheeses and crackers and small finger sandwiches should round out your menu. For drinks, make White-Chocolate Martinis or White Ladies. Also keep white cranberry juice and water on hand at the event. Of course, if you want to pull a Kyle, just get Fatburger to cater for you...

 4. Decorate tables in white. Cover each table with a white table cloth, along with white umbrellas for your guests to sit beneath while they treat themselves to your all-white menu. Sprinkle white petals on the tables, and throw in a little silver glitter for good measure (and obviously, some needed glitz), then add white candles to light up the night as it gets darker out. 

5. The playlist! Want to show major dedication to your white theme? Only pick out songs that have a “white” touch to them to add to your party’s song mix. The Beatles’ White Album, maybe? Or perhaps the White Stripes? Have fun organizing a fully white playlist. 

6. Have a best-white-outfit contest. You can make up your own rules, but create categories to keep it fun and competitive. Try awards for the best use of white by a couple, the chicest look, the wackiest white ensemble, and so on. Then, have your guests vote in each category and give the winners a prize: white flowers, white wine, or other themed gifts. 

7. Remember to have all your guests leave the drama at the door!

It looks like it turned out to be a fun night
afterall, even with all the drama

of having to ask Taylor to leave.

ciao! fabiana


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A Perfect Setting said...

Great ideas! I had a white party in August, it was a huge success! I may even make it a tradition and incorporate some of your tips! It wasn't quite as sophisticated as Kyle's, but probably less drama lol! Here's the link if you want to check it out--http://www.aperfectsettingalways.blogspot.com/2011/09/night-of-white.html

blandina said...

What a lovely idea, I must keep this in mind!

Unknown said...

Very Cool! Saw your post on Tip Junkie's link party.

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Love this!

7. Remember to have all your guests leave the drama at the door!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loved that episode...thanks for the tips!

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Hahaha. Love this show. Guilty pleasure? Handcuff me. :0 Kim is a serious piece of work even for this dysfunctional group. She is just so jaw droppingly rude. They are such a fascinating study in the "friendships" and manipulativeness of women. I usually feel so much better about myself after watching but every once in awhile I feel a twinge of discomfort when I recognize a bit of me or something that reminds me of people I know. The difference is that the people I know have the good sense to be a bit less in your face about it but bad behavior is just that... bad behavior on any level but it just so I will try and be better but it is intoxicatingly fun to watch the self centeredness and shallowness in this series. :0 Thanks for reminding me of how fascinatingly awful and wonderful this episode was and for sharing it on BeColorful this week.

Pamela said...

Too funny but great tips. Thanx for coming to party!


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