May 15, 2016

kyle's new closet / dressing room

This week on the finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we got a peek into Kyle’s new closet! 

Wow! She actually refers it to as a “dressing room”, only because she feels a little guilty about taking up one whole bedroom in her home and converting it into a closet, and that’s why there’s a pull-out sofa in there. 

That way it still could be considered a bedroom, right?  Lucky guests, right?  

Here are a few shots from Kyle's instagram.

I do love the mirrored vanity centered in the window, 
and of course the corner handbag display.

 The mirrored closet doors make the room look twice as 
big and add to the whole glamorous vibe of the room!

This is what the room looked like before! 

I guess her old closet, pictured above, 
was getting a little cramped!

Meanwhile, Andy asked Kyle if she consulted 
Lisa about her closet makeover.... ummm..,
No... oh yes, she did.  But Faye Resnick designed if for her.

 And here's Lisa's massive closet!

 Stay tuned...
next week I discuss the whole kaftan look
that has taken over Bravo this season.

photos via People & Bravo

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Ohhhh is THIS really!!! Ci sono armadi così!!! Bellissimo! Ciao ciao


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