May 27, 2016

housewives through the looking glass

Have you seen these trailers on Bravo in the last week or so? Andy Cohen plays the Mad Hatter while the stars of the "Real Housewives" stop their bickering to come together for a prim and proper tea party a la Alice In Wonderland. 

Here's what happens when housewives in diamonds and designer dresses play tea party for in preparation for the upcoming “Alice Through the Looking Glass” film, premiering on Friday.  

 My inspiration?  Tea party decor, of course!
Lots of pretty vintage tea cups, fancy petitfours, 
roses, clocks, hats, bunnies and more!

The unbirthday cake and tick tock shortbread.

We must make sure to have lots of 
pretty cakes and sweets
and stacks and stacks of pretty tea cups!

Stacked higher is better!

Vintage tea cups are a must!

Accented with roses

cookies, muffins scones,  cakes, petitfours and 
a selection of tea sandwiches are perfect on the menu! 


repurpose an antique dresser as a buffet and you're all set!

ciao! fabiana

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