April 23, 2019

the cutest store ever!

          the serena & lily store in palisades village

I finally made it to the cutest store ever… The Serena & Lily Pacific Palisades store opened up several months ago, and ever since then, I've been spying pictures of it on social media, so visiting became a priority!

Not so difficult since it's only an hours drive from my home, and my mother lives close by in Beverly Hills, so we made a fun day out of it

It’s so dreamy, inside and out. As you can see from the photos, it looks like a little cottage you might find in Cape Cod or on Balboa Island. It actually reminds me of my she shed a little bit, lol.

I do frequent the Newport Beach Serena & Lily shop quite a bit, but this one’s really special!

I do love this Pescadero Tiered Chandelier so much! Isn’t it interesting? It’s actually made from coconut shells, believe it or not!

And of course, this store is featuring their iconic Riviera Chairs, which I have in my kitchen nook and absolutely love! They also work great outdoors during the summer for that ultimate French café look.

This wicker Shore Bench would fit in perfectly in a beach house, traditional home or even a modern home, since its silhouette is so simple and clean.

As you walk through the store, it feels like a home, but you’ll find a full service design studio in the back. There's so much inspiration to be found here! 

Inserting a healthy dose of natural materials always makes a home feel grounded. There’s also something about rattan, bamboo and wicker that triggers “vacation mode” in my head… always a welcome feeling.

Among my favorites, pictured above are the Headlands Bell Pendant and the Topeka Mirror

Lovely pillows galore! I spot one of my favorites… the striped one with the side tassels, called the Alsworth Pillow is the same one I have on my family room sofa, in addition to the pretty embroidered Leighton Pillow behind it. I love the combination of the two!

I’ll be sharing more on Serena & Lily and this gorgeous new shopping area called Palisades Village, so I hope you’ll check back soon!

ciao! fabiana

If you’re planning to visit, the address is

Serena & Lily
1067 N Swarthmore Avenue
 Pacific Palisades, California 

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