April 7, 2019

a healthy home is a happy home

A few tips to remember when seeking 
to create a healthy home...

1. Always choose linens that have Organic & Natural Fibers. This ensures that the fibers are biodegradable and that they were not grown or treated with pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

2. Shop at home décor stores that support fair trade and have certified sustainable collections. Choosing specifically eco-friendly/fair trade collections at these stores certifies that the products were made under safe and fair conditions.

3. On a budget? Check out flea markets for unique décor that you can upcycle.  

You can uncover great finds at flea markets and even create your own DIY project to bring new life to that well-loved coffee table or bookshelf.

5. Illuminate the room with natural light during the day and CFL bulbs at night. The most energy efficient choice you can make is to limit your use of artificial lights, especially if your apartment gets tons of natural light. 

Those same principles apply in you outdoor spaces, too.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

ciao! fabiana

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healthy home info courtesy of Pildora

photos:  Serena & Lily, Williams-Sonoma, & Studio McGee

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