December 31, 2016

a tablescape for new years eve

New Year’s Eve is around the corner! Today I’ve put together my dream New Years’ Eve tablescape by using some of my favorite vintage heirlooms and some new sparkly accents.

I’ve updated my 2012 NYE “clock-themed” tablescape that some of you may remember. 

All you have to do to recreate this look is have a set of clear glass dinner plates which are really inexpensive and also so versatile! 

Then print off a set of clock faces so they fit the size of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. 

No fancy paper needed! The clock faces will be round, so just cut them out carefully with scissors. Nestle them between your glass plate and a silver or gold charger plate.

I used "Happy New Year" tiaras, with the headband removed, to accent each place setting with a fun salutation! 

Under each place setting is a round circle of glittered gold mesh fabric that I cut out, as well. The light hits all these sparkly accents and makes the table come to life!

Winter evergreens layered diagonally down the center of this round table add the perfect foundation for the white roses and gittery gold votives that add a hint of glamour. 

A garland of dreamy silver stars sways quietly in the background. 

These antique silver goblets hold little arrangements of roses, but they also come in handy for a favorite beverage.

 Champagne (or sparkling grape juice) is mandatory!

Here's the view from the top

 I can’t believe 2017 is almost here!

I love how this layer of glitter fabric detail adds dimension.

A toast…

 to all of you!

 Thanks for stopping by and visiting this year!

 Cheers and Best Wishes... 

for the new year!  xoxo

 And it all came together like this: 

Glass Dinner Plates: similar ones found HERE

Paper Clock cut-outs: google

Gold Glitter Fabric: found HERE

Silverware & Glassware: vintage

Silver-toned Chargers: found HERE

Silver Glitter Stars Garland: found HERE

White Fringe Boas: found HERE

Gold Glitter Votives: found HERE

Happy New Year Tiaras and Horns: found HERE

Roses and Table Greens: Trader Joe’s

xo xo! fabiana


While I’m here today, I wanted to share some of my "Tablescaping Essentials" with you. I have a whole page on the Amazon website with my favorite picks for setting a beautiful table.

Quite often time is of the essence, and I have last minute projects or events to work on, so I turn to Amazon for one or two day delivery. You’d be surprised at how many amazing items they have to offer! And I'm constantly updating this page with my new favorites. 

You can check it out here, at Tablescaping Essentials.

Get this New Year's eve kit now from Amazon:

tick tock, it's new years eve

happy new year!


Get this New Year's eve kit now from Amazon:

December 30, 2016

favorite new year toasts

Inspiring new years toasts…

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” --Rainer Maria Rilke

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'” --Alfred Lord Tennyson

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." -- C.S. Lewis

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." --Eleanor Roosevelt

ciao! fabiana

Get this New Year's eve kit now from Amazon:

December 29, 2016

new year's goals

I'll remember to take time for myself. Recharge myself at the beach. Get away from all the trivial things that weigh me down. 

Did you know that “negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. 

Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.” (via web md)

Spending quality time with family and friends is also at the top of my list. After recharging myself, I will use that stored up energy to be the best I can be around my loved ones. Filter out those who bring you down, but of course support those who are in need. 

Take time to talk to God, whether it is in time of crisis, joy, sadness, celebration or struggle. We don’t have to make it a show. Prayer is personal and available 24/7. 

A new road awaits us in 2017. Some new paths will be taken and some old paths will disappear. Make the best of it. And remember to do something amazing each day!

ciao! fabiana

December 27, 2016

a vintage and modern Oregon home

I have a soft spot in my heart for old homes, but who wants to live without the modern conveniences of the twenty-first century? Well, this little vintage Oregon cottage has been lovingly updated with modern touches, but still maintains the beautiful 1920’s details from the decade it was built. 

The secret of the design is to keep it simple and uncluttered and bring in elements that are reminiscent to the era that the home was built.

I just love all the modern furnishings and how they juxtapose against the traditional fireplace, windows and mouldings. Isn't this rug amazing? It brings the whole room together, perfectly combining all the grays with that vibrant sofa!

Windsor chairs have been my thing lately. Even though they originated around 1710, they have a totally modern vibe. They simplicity of the design must be the key. Love that light fixture too. It really makes the room more youthful!

My kitchen has white shaker cabinets and black granite counter tops similar to this look, and even though it can be a little plain, I love that it’s a neutral backdrop for the rest of the kitchen. In this home, it’s perfect, especially with that gorgeous Lacanche stove! 

So bright and airy, but it’s still such a cozy kitchen!

This little kitchen fireplace is new, but it looks like it’s always belonged in the home!

This upper landing area is new and does triple duty as a home office for the adults, a play area for the kids and a reading nook for all!

The Ochre chandelier in the master bedroom is everything!

Perfect vintage style in the master bathroom with just a little pop of wallpaper in the w.c.

Built-ins the boys’ bedroom maximizes play space! 

The built-ins have a streamlined traditional style,
in keeping with the rest of the home. 

Lots of mirrors, white walls, dark floors and tall ceilings create the illusion of more space and keep it looking gorgeous! All the wallpaper in the home is by Marte Armitage, and it’s definitely a perfect match with this house.  What a lovely little bedroom!

via architectural digest

ciao! fabiana

December 26, 2016

merry day after

Merry day after Christmas, everyone. I would have said hi sooner, but the weekend was a little busy, and I did end up with a little bit of a cold, so I wasn’t able to get on the blog like I had planned to. I sure do hope your Christmas was filled with happy moments.  

Our family gift exchange went really well. Just the right number of gifts, and nothing was too over the top! 

We honored a few Italian family food traditions like having fish for dinner on Christmas eve. We baked salmon filets in foil pouches with lemon slices, herbs, garlic and olive oil. 

It turned out full of flavor and so moist! Served with rice pilaf and sauteed zucchini, our Christmas dinner was so easy to prepare and yummy too! 

Tiramisu for dessert is a new family tradition that we all love! It’s a decadent, but light dessert that’s really easy to put together a day or two in advance.

Santa brought us lots of fun little gag gifts that kept 
the evening full of laughter on Christmas eve. 

We had lots of rain on Friday and Saturday and that brought really cold temperatures, so we all kept warm with lots of pretty throws, blankets and cute slippers.  

We enjoyed a few of our favorite Christmas movies with the whole family. The crowd favorites this year were Christmas with the Kranks and of course, Elf. Will Farrell never gets old in that movie! 

And speaking of movies, remember the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s family ends up in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas night? Well, we decided to skip all the cooking on Christmas and just order Chinese food for dinner. 

Everyone loved it and the food is always so good at our favorite Chinese go-to, China Palace aka CP Restaurant. I sure hope your holiday was enjoyable too. Stop by and let me know what your favorite part of the weekend was! 

ciao! fabiana


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