December 26, 2016

merry day after

Merry day after Christmas, everyone. I would have said hi sooner, but the weekend was a little busy, and I did end up with a little bit of a cold, so I wasn’t able to get on the blog like I had planned to. I sure do hope your Christmas was filled with happy moments.  

Our family gift exchange went really well. Just the right number of gifts, and nothing was too over the top! 

We honored a few Italian family food traditions like having fish for dinner on Christmas eve. We baked salmon filets in foil pouches with lemon slices, herbs, garlic and olive oil. 

It turned out full of flavor and so moist! Served with rice pilaf and sauteed zucchini, our Christmas dinner was so easy to prepare and yummy too! 

Tiramisu for dessert is a new family tradition that we all love! It’s a decadent, but light dessert that’s really easy to put together a day or two in advance.

Santa brought us lots of fun little gag gifts that kept 
the evening full of laughter on Christmas eve. 

We had lots of rain on Friday and Saturday and that brought really cold temperatures, so we all kept warm with lots of pretty throws, blankets and cute slippers.  

We enjoyed a few of our favorite Christmas movies with the whole family. The crowd favorites this year were Christmas with the Kranks and of course, Elf. Will Farrell never gets old in that movie! 

And speaking of movies, remember the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s family ends up in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas night? Well, we decided to skip all the cooking on Christmas and just order Chinese food for dinner. 

Everyone loved it and the food is always so good at our favorite Chinese go-to, China Palace aka CP Restaurant. I sure hope your holiday was enjoyable too. Stop by and let me know what your favorite part of the weekend was! 

ciao! fabiana


Anonymous said...

Love this post. So glad you had fun and stayed relaxed. We had lots of fun without too much fuss too. Happy New Year.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks! Happy New Year!


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