December 15, 2016

lovely christmas inspo

Just sharing some fun holiday ideas that were spotted in the December issues of my favorite magazines… As you might know, Lauren Conrad is a favorite of mine. I love her personal and home decorating style. 

From the lux wreath on her door to her living room Christmas tree to her dinner table, Lauren has a fun casual but elegant style that I love. And doesn't she look cute in all the holiday fashion she's wearing?

Oh, that table! I love everything about it!

Here’s a great idea. If your foyer is large enough, why not create a little lounge area for the holidays to accommodate extra guests?

I have a gorgeous artificial tree this year, that I love, but I’m always a sucker for that old-fashioned Christmas tree  look that's all decked out with beaded garlands and glass ornaments.

Here’s another beauty with a more natural, but still very chic, design, from Martha Stewart, of course. 

A little pink and orange added to a magenta-red makes for a really fun color scheme for Christmas. Evergreen garlands are kept simple to play off the look!

Modern, simple and fun! 

ciao! fabiana

photos credit:
Good Housekeeping
Southern Living

Martha Stewart


Snowinluxury said...

Buon Natale! Sul mio blog un post con una sorpresa cliccando sulla foto! Ciao ciao

Claudia Fabiana said...

Happy New Year, Loredana!


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