October 21, 2020

napkins for every state!

I have to let you in on a fun secret... I recently discovered the cutest napkins with a fabulous twist on a theme. Honey + Hank designs the most charming patterns using the silhouette of each state as part of the design. 


They take the shape of, let's say the state of Oklahoma, and create the most amazing designs. We can now be loyal to our favorite state in the most creative way ever, right here at our own dinner tables! 

If you look closely, the orange feathers on these napkins are made using the shape of Oklahoma! I chose this pattern not only for their seasonal color and fantastic feather motif, but also because we have dear family that lives in Oklahoma. 

This fun orange feather design is so perfect for fall and for Thanksgiving, that I’ve combined them here with some of my favorite brown transferware turkey plates. 


Aren’t they so cute?! 

What’s really fun is that Honey + Hank have so many different designs, colors and styles, and they offer napkin designs for practically every state. 


These are the two patterns I chose. You can really get an up-close look at the fun state designs here. 


The blue set of napkins are realllly fun! Not only do they feature all fifty states, but the pattern mimics a sort of leopard pattern too. And you know I love a good leopard pattern! 

Since I can’t resist a good theme, I pulled out some of my vintage blue and white souvenir state plates to combine with the Fifty States Napkins. 

Kind of a fun play on the theme... don’t you think?

Blue and white with just a hint of yellow is a fresh look for fall or any time of the year.

Here's a peek at some of their other blue and white patterns...   

Can you spot the Kentucky napkins (horses) and the Tennessee Napkins (guitars)? All their designs are so clever!   


In addition to the fabulous Fifty States Leopard pattern, they even make a Fifty States Hydrangea pattern. Here it is below--- made into gorgeous pillows. Most of these patterns come in several color choices too.  


ciao! fabiana 



October 20, 2020

blue & white plates on the shed

It all started with this large plate in the center. It was about two years ago, and there it was in the thrift store, at a bargain of a price. So, I brought it home and was inspired to create a large outdoor plate collage with this new 15-inch-wide plate as the center piece. 


The plates are now arranged on one of the window-less walls of my shed. This is the view we have from the breakfast room, so it’s a real focal point from the house. 

The design was quite easy to come up with, and I love that it's totally symmetrical. I brought out my stash of blue and white plates and went to work. I needed 4 dinner plates and 4 salad plates for the configuration. It really came together quite quickly. 


I love the way the trumpet vines have grown to intermingle with the plates. So far, the plates have been out here on the wall for over two years, and you know what? They’ve withstood the weather beautifully. They won’t fade, and the metal brackets that hold them up haven't even rusted at all. 


This antique metal bench works beautifully with the plate vignette, and I recently added a seasonal pumpkin pillow and plaid blanket to add a layer of fall coziness. 


I love the new metal roof we put on earlier this year. We had to replace the old wood shake roof, and this was actually the most economical way to go! Isn’t it so cute?  


The roof is not only sturdy and cute, but it isn’t reflective at all. I was afraid that it might cause a glare coming into the house, but it doesn’t at all. 

My buddy and contractor George made it all work out perfectly, since he had already had some experience with installing this type of corrugated metal roofing.   


My blue-plate collage on the shed was even featured in Cottages & Bungalows magazine earlier this year. Here’s a behind the scenes shot I took. Notice the brick column on the right and the trellis overhead? 


Well, we got rid of them! You see the brick post was centered right in the middle of this whole area of the backyard and totally blocked our view of these cute plates, vines and shed from the house. 


During the reroofing process, George and I decided to take down half of the trellis so we’d have a more open view and also a better traffic flow for this part of the backyard.  


There are still two other brick posts that hold up the remaining part of the trellis, so it worked out just fine. 

Here’s how the blue and white plates on my shed appeared in Cottages and Bungalows. We’ll have no more shadow on the wall since the overhead trellis has been removed. 

It seems like it’s always looked like this, and now we can enjoy our coffee from the breakfast room looking out at this view. BTW, the cute pumpkin pillow is a Home Goods find, and the plaid blanket is vintage.


ciao! fabiana

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