October 8, 2020

setting a fall table with Saffron Marigold

I’m all about fall colors! When setting a table this autumn, it's important to consider the soft shades of marigold, pumpkin orange and sage green. These new table linens from Saffron Marigold capture all those colors in this delicate Persian inspired floral motif. 


By using white plates and a white table, all the focus is on the lively and sophisticated patterns on these lovely napkins and table runner. 


As you can see there are even touches of purple and lavender in the Persian Mediterranean Floral runner. Isn’t it so pretty?! 


What’s most interesting about this set of table linens is the bold pattern on the napkins. I don’t have anything quite as bold as this design on any napkin in my linen closet. 


Considering the eye-catching pattern, I came up with a few different napkin folds to best highlight this Persian Orange Blossom pattern. 


I started with a square fold of the napkin on a diagonal, and gently folded down the right and left sides and tucked them under. This way the large pattern is front and center for all to see. 


An easy option is to just let the napkin be, and just set it down on the dinner plate after you’ve folded it into a neat square. 


My favorite napkin fold of the season is the “Fan with a Twist” which really highlights the amazing border of this gorgeous napkin. 


This fold is really quite easy. You can check out the step by step instructions here 


Here we’ve simply gathered the square folded napkin and gently slid it into a pewter napkin ring. Make sure you smooth the top of the napkin out to best see the design. 


Cutlery pockets are one of my favorite ways to zhush up a place setting. 


This second one is so easy to pull off, and Martha Stewart calls it the Angled pocket Napkin Fold 

Start with the back side of  the napkin facing up.

Next fold the napkin in half, and then in quarters. 

Fold the open corner's top layer to meet the opposite corner. 

Turn the napkin over, fold it into thirds, and turn it back over.

Tuck your cutlery into the pocket.

The envelope fold is a little bit trickier, but I love how it showcases this Persian Floral pattern and border. Once you've mastered this fold, you can use it to tuck little words of encouragement into each napkin for your guests!

Whichever napkin fold you choose, the end result will be beautiful! I’m just so infatuated with these gorgeous patterns form Saffron Marigold 


I think they’d actually be quite stunning any time of the year...Spring, Summer, Winter, and of course Fall! 🧡  



ciao! fabiana  

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Linda said...

I like how you have used so many elments to make this fall table. Small white pumpkins make it just right!


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