October 26, 2020

fall in the dining room

Fall in the dining room is soft and neutral this year. I can’t get enough of these peachy-orange Cinderella pumpkins. The color is so soft and ethereal, and such a great alternative to traditional bright orange pumpkins. 


In the background, you can see our antique hutch with some of my favorite white collections displayed on the shelves. I’ll be sharing more of that piece soon, but for now it just makes for a pretty backdrop.   


My birthday was on Saturday, and we had a lovely day. We spent the morning exploring Roger’s Gardens and then came home to a lovely breakfast made by my hubby.  


Have you ever had Eggs Lorraine? They’re my favorite! It’s basically fluffy scrambled eggs with little bits of bacon and little dollops of cream cheese mixed in... yum! 


This GORGEOUS salad bowl was a birthday gift from my sister in law, Debbie. She and I share the same taste on so many things, and I just love this wooden salad bowl with the pewter lilacs

Isn’t it darling? It’s made by Vagabond House, whose products I just love! 

This is just a simple spinach salad I whipped up with a few pears, almonds and some feta. 


Setting a table this time of year is so much fun... I just gather a few of my favorite things, like simple plates, glasses, placemats, and a few pumpkins and go from there... 


And speaking of pumpkins, my friend Jennifer makes these gorgeous succulent-filled pumpkins and sells them locally. This white one is just divine. 

I set in on my new Owl Cheese Stand also by Vagabond House, and they just look like a match made in heaven. 


Here’s an overhead look at the cute pumpkins that Jennifer makes. You can message her on Instagram HERE, for more info. 

By the way, I'm just loving the texture of an off-white burlap table runner or tablecloth this season. 

I know I've been showing a lot of fun prints and styles lately, but this look is classic. Here's a similar table runner on Amazon.


I hope your week ahead is fabulous.  


Looking forward to Halloween 🎃 How about you? 

ciao! fabiana

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