October 17, 2020

collecting: vintage tea tins

Happy weekend! Today I’m sharing a few favorites from my collection of vintage tea tins. Advertising collectables are easy to find and interplay with other accessories so well. Group a few together and add a few fresh flowers, and we have a fun centerpiece for the table. 

The Twinings Tea tins are the ones I really like, and they come in all sorts of sizes. They still make these sorts of tins, so save them to enjoy later! They even look really cute planted with succulents. 

Here are a few that I found in the last year. I keep them in my shed, on several display cabinets on the wall with my vintage coffee tins and spice tins. 

By the way, do you spy the black shutter doors in the background? These are one of my many quarantine projects that I'll be sharing soon. They're faux doors that were added to a large expanse of blank wall in the garden. We needed a focal point, and these worked out great!

Two of my faves, styled for Fete Home’s pretty table linens I styled last month. I’m honored to become one of their home ambassadors, and you can check out my Q&A here. 


Here we have the floral tea tins again, this time in the living room. My husband and I collected all the mirrors we had laying around in the garage, in the shed and around the house and created a whole wall of mirrors in the living room, another quarantine project. 😏


I love how they reflect the garden back into the house.  


What have you been collecting lately?


ciao! fabiana 



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