November 11, 2017

a different take on thanksgiving colors

Who says Thanksgiving décor has to be all earth tones?

Those muted fall tones usually are my go to for autumn, but today I thought I’d put together a few more colorful ideas for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

How about a little coastal charm added to Thanksgiving?

quite adaptable, especially if it has a hint of fall pattern to it,
that’s why I chose these blue and white salad plates
with the wonderful fruit harvest design.

When I spotted these pretty Passaro
earthenware plates with the cute little bird on them,
I immediately thought of Thanksgiving.

The bright earthy hues of these Portuguese patterned plates are the perfect inspiration piece for the table, and they work beautifully with other accessories
in green or blue. 

This turned out to be a whimsical table setting idea
 that would be great for whole table or
as an extra special fancy kids’ table setting.  

To add more earthiness to this look,
it’s important to add lots of different textures.
It helps to keep the whole vibe more interesting,
and looks less planned and more “curated”.

Do you remember the light blue toile fabric
I showed you earlier in the week?

I found a bolt of about 3 yards at my favorite
local thrift store and thought it would be perfect to use

These little twig wreaths compliment
the brown in the fabric perfectly.

All I did to make these little embellished wreaths
was to add two tiny sprigs of rosemary, from the garden of course,

Which one do you like best?

ciao! fabiana

Blue and white Tablescape details:

Blue and white Italian plates: vintage
Blue Glasses: vintage Avon found on Ebay

Green Tablescape details:

Passaro Bird Plates
Amber Portuguese Plates

November 10, 2017

planning ahead for christmas

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet,
but I just started working on some
Christmas Tablescape stylings today. 

I have a few themes in mind, oh, how I love a good theme! 
Anyways, I have a couple for you to preview...

The first one is for an Ugly Sweater Party!

I couldn’t resist these adorable little knit sweaters
when I saw them at Cost Plus|WorldMarket.

They some in several different colors and are soooo
cute as little party favors at each place setting
don’t you think?

They’re actually ornaments that
 you can later adorn your tree with.

I love how the red knit edging on the napkins
compliments the tiny red sweaters!
(The napkins are also from World Market).

The inspiration for my second
themed holiday dinner
were these gorgeous black and white
"Joyeaux Noel" transferware plates.

I got a set of these last year at Home Goods,
and my secret is I only get a set of salad plates,
that way I can mix and match with my white
dinner plates that are so versatile. 

And why not add gold accents to this look?
It helps play up the Parisian glamour for the night.

This look wouldn’t be the same without the bold black & white
buffalo plaid dinner plates, also found at Home Goods last year. 

ciao! fabiana

And it all came together like this…

 the Ugly Sweater Party:
Red Polka Dot Plate: Home Goods
Red Kate Spade Plate: Home Goods
Red & White Chintz Plate: vintage
Burlap Chargers: Oriental Trading
Raffia Place Mat: Ikea
Mini Sweater Ornaments: World Market
Chambray Napkins with Chenille Trim: World Market
Wood Handle Flatware: World Market
Scrabble Tiles: vintage

and the Parisian Holiday Dinner:
Joyeaux Noel Plates: Home Goods
Black and White Buffalo Check Plates: Home Goods
White Charger Plate: Wedgwood
Rattan Charger: World Market
Raffia Place Mat: vintage
Wine Glass: Home Goods
 Linen Napkins: World Market
Gold Flatware: Ebay
Brass Eiffel Tower: Ebay
Unfinished Wood Slice: Home Goods

Shop World Market

November 8, 2017

thanksgiving planning

I found this adorable pillow at Home Goods this week and it's perfect on our backyard swing. Funny how just a little thing like this can bring a smile to my face, because I've got a perfect view of it from my desk during the day.  And now each time we go out back, we have a cute and cozy place to sit, swing and contemplate J

This pretty plaid throw is from Pottery Barn. I love how versatile these lightweight throws are. It’ll probably make its way back into the house and make an appearance at my Thanksgiving table!

And speaking of my Thanksgiving table, some of my favorite items have already made their way into the dining room as inspiration. Some will make the cut, and some won’t!! I'm starting to play with a few different ideas, and these turkey salad plates are always so festive, but I may go whole other direction...

One thing for sure, little accents are so important! Something like a stalk of wheat can finish off the look for each place setting, and I like the organic element it brings to the whole tablescape.

One of my favorite rustic elements for the table is the burlap charger plates. I used them last year for Thanksgiving and a couple of other holidays, and they always add great dimension and texture to the whole look. 

This year, I paired them with my favorite seashell embellished raffia place mats, and they really compliment each other nicely.

I have a couple of different options for glassware. Don't you love how these vintage amber glasses add so much vibrancy to the table?

A pretty border on the plates features acorns, so I thought a few real ones would be fun scattered on the table to repeat this decorative element.

Here’s my other option for glassware. I love the subtle amber color and the gold detail of this set, and the way the light just sparkles on them. These were also a score from Home Goods, and are made in Italy. (I also have them in amethyst). They're much more elegant and totally a different look than the other choice. Which ones do you think would work better for the table?

Glittery gold votives are the easiest way to add sparkle to the table. These are from Oriental Trading and you get a whole dozen for about $15. I've used these so much over the past year!

The little white pumpkins that I bought in early October will fit in perfectly with this whole rustic and glittery autumn look!

A few more of my favorite fall accessories were pulled for inspiration, like these adorable squirrel place card holders and a few pheasant feathers from last year's table. They might work nicely with the wheat and the little acorns.  

Another score was this small bolt of robin’s egg blue floral fabric found at my favorite thrift store. The colors are perfect for my Thanksgiving table and dining room. I’m not sure yet if I’ll create napkins, a runner or table cloth with this material.  

LMK what you think I should make with this fabric...   

Well that's my inspiration so far... 

We'll have to see how the final table turns out soon! 
Two weeks until Turkey Day...

ciao! fabiana

November 7, 2017

fall accents for the porch

This little demilune table is
a charming little curbside find.

My husband actually came home with it one day... 
I have him well trained, I guess!

Anyways, I gave it new life with a little
and it’s proven to be a useful part of
our daily routine.

Not only is it a convenient place to set
my cup of coffee while I’m unlocking the front door,
but it’s also a fun spot to set out seasonal décor.

And a glowing candle is always a welcoming gesture.

ciao! fabiana

November 6, 2017

fun thanksgiving recipes & ideas

Happy J Monday!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and share
some fun Thanksgiving recipes and ideas
that'll sure make your holidays a little more fun! 

Let's start off with this yummy Brussels Sprout recipe.

I don't know about you guys,
but my family LOVES Brussels Sprouts
and these have a little kick to them.  

Fried Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Orange Honey

2 Tbsp. honey
1 tsp. orange zest
¼ tsp. ground cayenne pepper
1 lb. brussels sprouts, trimmed, cut in half and very dry
Kosher salt
Oil for frying

1.   In a bowl whisk together honey, orange zest and cayenne pepper; set aside.
2.   Line a plate with a few layers of paper towels; set aside.
3.   Heat at least 3” of oil to 375°F in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat. Fry Brussels sprouts in small batches, 3-4 minutes, until deeply golden brown. Drain on prepared plate; sprinkle with kosher salt.
4.   Transfer to serving dish and drizzle with honey.

Apple cider sangria? Yes, Please!

Rosemary Infused Apple Cider Mimosa

     3 cups fresh pressed apple cider
     2 sprigs (5”) fresh rosemary
     Zest from 1 orange
     1 bottle dry sparkling wine, chilled
     Additional rosemary, if desired

1.   Bring cider to a simmer in a 1 quart sauce pan over medium heat. Add rosemary and orange zest. Allow to steep for 20 minutes and then transfer to a container and refrigerate until cold or overnight. Strain before serving.
2.   Fill champagne flute with equal parts apple cider and sparkling wine. Garnish with rosemary sprigs if desired.

Here’s a fun recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers…

Waffle Stuffing Stacks
2 Tbsp. butter
1 box (6 oz.) stuffing mix
3 cups hot mashed potatoes
1 cup hot turkey gravy
1½ cups water

1.   In 2 quart saucepan, heat water and butter heat until boiling. Stir in stuffing mix; cover. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes.
2.   Meanwhile, brush waffle iron with vegetable oil; heat waffle iron.
3.   Drop stuffing by ¼ cups onto hot waffle iron. Close cover. Cook 8-15 minutes or until golden brown and beginning to crisp. Remove from waffle iron with nonstick utensil. Repeat with remaining stuffing (may need to stir 1-2 tablespoons additional water into stuffing if crumbly).
4.   While remaining waffles bake, keep waffles warm in single layer of baking sheet in low oven.
5.   Serve each waffle with ¼ cup mashed potatoes and a spoonful of gravy.

This game’s a great way to keep
the crowd busy while you’re finishing up in the kitchen… 

Cranberry Relay

A super-easy game for all-ages:

Divide guests into two teams and set up a station at either end of a room (or outside) with two bowls and a tablespoon at each station. Fill one of the bowls at each station with about a cup of fresh raw cranberries.

Each player must carry three cranberries on a tablespoon to the opposing station without dropping any berries; if they drop one, they must start over. The first team to empty their cranberry bowl wins!

If you’re looking for a great party favor or hostess gift, gratitude journals make the perfect gift. These make the perfect keepsake long after the holidays. These are a few of the pretty ones that are available on the Ciao Blog Shop!

I also have some new Thanksgiving and Holiday items listed, so be sure to check those out too! 

ciao! fabiana

1-4 photo & recipe credit: Kroger


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