November 11, 2017

a different take on thanksgiving colors

Who says Thanksgiving d├ęcor has to be all earth tones?

Those muted fall tones usually are my go to for autumn, but today I thought I’d put together a few more colorful ideas for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

How about a little coastal charm added to Thanksgiving?

quite adaptable, especially if it has a hint of fall pattern to it,
that’s why I chose these blue and white salad plates
with the wonderful fruit harvest design.

When I spotted these pretty Passaro
earthenware plates with the cute little bird on them,
I immediately thought of Thanksgiving.

The bright earthy hues of these Portuguese patterned plates are the perfect inspiration piece for the table, and they work beautifully with other accessories
in green or blue. 

This turned out to be a whimsical table setting idea
 that would be great for whole table or
as an extra special fancy kids’ table setting.  

To add more earthiness to this look,
it’s important to add lots of different textures.
It helps to keep the whole vibe more interesting,
and looks less planned and more “curated”.

Do you remember the light blue toile fabric
I showed you earlier in the week?

I found a bolt of about 3 yards at my favorite
local thrift store and thought it would be perfect to use

These little twig wreaths compliment
the brown in the fabric perfectly.

All I did to make these little embellished wreaths
was to add two tiny sprigs of rosemary, from the garden of course,

Which one do you like best?

ciao! fabiana

Blue and white Tablescape details:

Blue and white Italian plates: vintage
Blue Glasses: vintage Avon found on Ebay

Green Tablescape details:

Passaro Bird Plates
Amber Portuguese Plates


  1. I love the one with the little wreathes. How big are they. Cute ideas. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy. They're about 3" wide.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight!

  2. These are all beautiful fav was that blue and white, it is
    so lively, fun and unique and would make a lovely thanksgiving table.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas,
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. All three are lovely! I prefer more formal so I would go with the gold and white with the darling wreaths for my family. Beautiful job!


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