November 21, 2017


This is a special week for reflection, and being thankful,  grateful and appreciative for all that we have, so when I came across this thankfulness prayer today, I wanted to share it with all of you. I am thankful you are here today, reading this and that we can share these thoughts and prayers together. 

"Thank you God for giving me another day, another chance to become a better individual, another chance to give and experience love.

Thank you God for giving me health, for the food you provide, for the awareness you have awaken in me. Thank you for the energy that feeds my soul, the sun that warms our bodies and the air that fills our lungs.

Because of you I believe in the good without the bad and the ugly, because of you I am learning to love and accept myself, because of you I believe in believing.

Stay connected to me today and always, for I need you in order to fulfill my spiritual tasks.

Show me how to love myself, to be able to love others. Help me become the type of person that I would like to befriend, help me forgive myself and forgive others.

God, make me a channel of your energy and help me understand.

I thank you God for giving me another day, another unused opportunity to do it right. Keep us all close to you and listen to our prayers.


ciao! fabiana

prayer credit: Belief Net


  1. Beautiful post. I appreciate your lovely blog. Jean

    1. Thanks so much, Jean. Happy Thanksgiving!


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