November 18, 2017

favorite stores: lido marina village

A quick stop over at Serena & Lily,
and I wanted to share a few things that
caught my attention…

Their outdoor patio is so sweet!

First of all, they have the Crosby teak dining table with a simple but stunning succulent arrangement dominating the space.

A cozy seating arrangement is nestled next to the
trickling outdoor fountain and pretty climbing vines.  

I came home with a couple of these Montecito pillows
that you see above.

They're actually indoor outdoor pillows and they have
a perfectly nubby texture and pattern that 
reminds me of a white kilim rug.

They'll add just the right amount of interest 
to my new Mattituck armchairs

Yes, I ended up getting a couple of new chairs for the living room... you see they were offering 
20% off in store yesterday!

I can't wait for the UPS man to 
deliver these next week. J

It’s a tiny store, but packed with punch!!

The selection of rugs is fabulous too!

most beautiful shopping spot!

Just outside, you have this amazing view, and there
 are several super yummy places to eat, like Zinqué.  

You know how Gwyneth Paltrow has her Goop website?

Well, guess what?!

Goop opened up a pop-up shop this week, 
just for the holidays.

It’s just a simple little gift shop filled
with interesting stocking stuffershostess gifts, 
pet accessories, kids’ toys and a few pretty kitchen goodies. 

And of course, all of Gwyneth's books!

Everything’s arranged just perfectly too…
something that I really enjoy seeing!!

Elegant and useful little gifts…

And all the girls who work here
wear these white denim coveralls,
so devo-ish!

I did see quite a few things I love!

Like those tall brass candlesticks!

You know how I love brass candlesticks
I pick them up whenever I see them in
thrift stores or yard sales.

These are especially pretty and so polished,
which saves me some work, lol.

It’s always fun to take a walk along the water too…
and even the rainy days are pretty
here in Newport!

ciao! fabiana

And now the official cookbook 
is available from Malibu Farms!


Unknown said...

I can't wait to get down there and check it out. I am so glad they are re-doing this area. It was neglected for years and is such a great spot for restaurants and shops! I love your posts - you have great style.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks so much, Lisa. I'll definitely be spending more time there!

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