November 5, 2017

fall table details

This plaid throw is one of my favorite Fall accessories. It’s just an ordinary warm and flannelly throw that I wear casually around my shoulders on chilly nights at the beach or at a football game.

And it’s got just the right amount of orange to subtly say “It’s Autumn!”, especially when paired with pretty heirloom pumpkins.

Heirloom pumpkins are everything this year! I love their muted color palette and their flattened shapes – they’re sooo cute! It's fun to mix and match a few different ones at the center of the table and then soften the look with small twigs and branches from the garden.

I used olive branches for this look – a favorite symbol of peace – we all need a little more of that, right? In this case, I love the warm gray-green color of the leaves!

And, I love the look of these vintage spiral taper candles with the brass candlesticks. Have you been seeing more of these spiral candles in stores lately? I got a box of these on ebay and they really are vintage!

My wooden flower box filled with white pumpkins and little dusty miller plants is still going strong. I spritz the dusty miller ever few days, and that’s all it takes to keep it fresh. 

Did you catch how I aged this box to have this soft gray patina? It’s such any easy trick using two common household items. Read about it here.

ciao! fabiana

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