November 1, 2017

november, a new start

Well, Halloween is over
and thank goodness, I didn’t miss it! 

Last night was really fun and low-key. The kids were all with their friends and our youngest had a small group of buddies over to trick or treat. I made this favorite tomato soup, and it was a hit!

We even tried something new this year, carving our pumpkins using a drill with a large bit. It was so fast and easy! The result was a group of pretty pumpkins with lacy circular patterns that became simple beacons at the front entry.

I love how the jack o’lanterns start glowing as soon as the sun goes down!

I posted some extra Halloween photos on Instagram stories. Did you happen to see them? If not, check them out here.  

The gray and white pumpkins were especially gorgeous with their vibrant orange interiors. I still have a few of these left that are uncarved and will still look great through Thanksgiving.

It’s amazing how they can last from September through November and still be fresh. They’re so perfect for creating different seasonal vignettes.

And now that's the weather's cooled off a bit, I'm trading in my flip flops for funky little flats, that are so comfy!

I'm so love with my new Tory Burch "Minnie" Ballet flats. They're the perfect pinky-beige neutral color, and the leather is like butter! The hot pink colored flats are by Sam Edelman.

One last pic from the neighborhood yesterday… Isn’t this cobalt blue door amazing? And the orange pumpkins and planter really pop too!

With October come and gone, let's celebrate the first day of November! I always get excited at the beginning of the month, because I feel like I hit “refresh” and can start with a clean slate. 

It's a great time to reflect and be thankful for the blessings in our lives. With the end of the year quickly approaching, I'm looking forward to some much-needed family time. I really love cooking for my friends and family, so for me, it's a great time to start baking again. 

I'm definitely making these Easy Apple Tarts again very soon. We have a very prolific apple tree in the yard that produces bushels of fruit in July, and I've got a few bags of sliced apples in the freezer that'll be perfect for this recipe. They're so good that my family devours them in a day or less!  

Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays and creating new and unique tablescapes really makes my heart flutter! 

One of my favorite ways to start creating that November vibe is by clipping a few vibrant branches of liquidamber and just popping them into a large cylindrical vase. Where do you find your inspiration?

ciao! fabiana

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