July 16, 2014

knock, knock {a front door makeover }

The door knockers from England finally arrived!  
They were the last accessory 
to put the finishing touch on our front doors.  

Lucky for my, my husband is pretty handy, 
so he was able to install the door knockers and brass kick plates yesterday and the doors are finished!  

We started with raw wood double doors, 
and decided to paint them black 
and then use the traditional look 
of brass hardware as a contrast.  

Here's the inspiration photo.

I love the look of "London doors".  
We reused our original door handles 
because we really liked 
the curved lines in them.  

They were polished up
 using a lot of elbow grease and these 
Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths.  

They really worked pretty well 
as you can see below.

After searching ebay for a few weeks, 
I finally found a pair of matching lion
 door knockers that we liked 
and that fit the door.

Including shipping, 
the set was only about $30!  

Here's how they look on the center panel.

And, I must mention, 
my husband and boys 
are fabulous painters!

We love our little lions.

ciao! fabiana


Anonymous said...

Really outstanding job! We once had a south-facing wooden door; the sun was so brutal, we had to re-do the door every 2 years. The lions are fine-looking!

obat herbal stroke said...

Nice post,, i'm very enjoyed to visit this site :D

dominique said...

They turned out beautifully! I'm curious as to what paint color and brand you used. Please let me know if you have a chance.

Giovanni said...

It looks absolutely amazing. The fall d├ęcor fits in perfectly with it too. I love seeing homes where families have taken the time do “do up” the front. It shows an amazing home and a wonderful family inside. I don’t think either pick would have been a bad choice. The door looks amazing and your home looks amazing.

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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