December 10, 2015

bottle brush trees, a vintage look

There is something I love so much 
about these 
little bottle brush trees. 

I've collected a few here and there over the years, 
but this year, I am seeing so many sweet little vignettes 
that I just love.  

We haven’t pulled out our Christmas d├ęcor yet this year,
 but are planning to do so this afternoon. 
I can't wait to get reacquainted with my little trees

But, I was lucky enough to find 
a trio of bottle brush trees at the Goodwill last week 
and picked up another pair 
of simple ones at a local boutique, 
seen in photo 7.  

Just wait until they get zhushed up 
with some of my other fun vintage goodies!  

I just love to mix and match new... 

What do you love to collect for Christmas?

ciao! fabiana

 photo credits:
Paige Knudsen Blog
Maison de Cinq
Ciao Newport Beach
Hula Seventy

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