April 19, 2012

the cure for the common porch

The common denominator in all these porches is comfort, coziness and a bit of fun! I'm ready to spruce up my front porch and these photos have been a great inspiration for me, so I just had to share!

I love a great pop of color.  

There's nothing like the feel of an old southern porch, 
like the one above. 

Oooh!  I love this look!  
I think I want to go with this color palette. 

Clean and simple

Neutral and classy

A little bit country

Casual and beachy

Perfectly shady

A  very inviting entry-porch combination

Coastal charm

California fun with a vintage feel

Wicker and ticking stripes

Great backdrop that offers a bit of privacy

Classic summer look

Mix and match vintage finds

Modern and fun

What's not to like?

Great colors

This is a real "outdoor room"

Moroccan-Spanish style

Location, location, location

Black accents tie this all together

Comfort is always a plus

This is one of my favorite looks

Here is a close-up of the previous porch.  
I really like how the texture of the rug works with all the bright white and vibrant colors.

Colors of the surf and sand

This is basically a neutral palette with a few great chartreuse pillows and bright accents.  

A lovely matchy-matchy set 

This could be fun! 

Adirondacks are always a classic beachy look!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: pinterest

April 17, 2012

nancy's new gourmet kitchen

Meet my friend, Nancy.  
She's a gourmet cook, a master gardener 
and has a keen eye for decorating.  

I'm so thrilled that she invited me over 
to photograph her fabulous new kitchen 
while she was preparing a delicious gourmet brunch
 for her mother's birthday.  

The tour starts in the new entry of the kitchen, 
off the driveway, which is framed by two boxwoods
 planted in antiqued urns.   

A gorgeous butcher block island 
is at the center of the kitchen, topped off by a
 vintage-inspired light fixture. 

It's a great focal point in this space.  
Oh, and I forgot to mention, 
Nancy has a great talent for flower arranging too, 
as seen here with this display.  

I love how all the arched cabinets 
are lit from within. 
 It really adds a great deal of ambiance.     

A copper embossed hood caps off the stove, 
and a pass-through to the dining room 
is perfect for entertaining. 

Accent lights also shed light under the cabinets, 
where recipes and cookbooks are always handy.

Twin light fixtures over the sink.

A delicious feast is beginning to take shape 
with these appetizers and dessert.

The grain of the cherry butcher-block is spectacular. 
I love how the texture of the wood contrasts

A Linzer Torte, made by Nancy's niece.

The kitchen nook has great views 
of the garden and is close to the kitchen.

This is a great little counter area 
coming in from the garage 
and the butler's pantry, 
to the left.  

The layout is perfect for 
a serious cook and her guests. 

Skylights and rustic beams highlight the room.  

The dining room is just steps away....

After living in the house for twelve years, 
Nancy knew exactly how to lay out 
her kitchen when it was 
time to remodel. 

And it works wonderfully.

To view Nancy's secret garden click here.

ciao! fabiana

April 15, 2012

curb appeal: the "X" factor

We're currently working on a new front porch, 
and I'm inspired by the "X" patterns 
on these lovely homes and fences.  

A railing with a pattern similar to 
these will be going in soon.  

Stay tuned for a new post next week...

ciao! fabiana


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