April 29, 2012

creative succulents in petite pots

I ran into my friend Camille today at the 
Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza.  

Camille has a display set up there showing 
her creative succulent Petite Pots. 

It's a huge event there are lots of interesting 
displays and plants and supplies to buy.  

Camille puts together such creative displays.

This little shoe is one of my favorites.

I love all the different containers she has filled.

This large one No.5 is gorgeous!  

A whimsical idea. 

Very beachy!

Gotta love the adirondack chair...

and this basket filled with succulents and sage.

Double-tiered fun!

And, a stunning living wreath of succulents.
{Isn't Camille cute in her vintage apron?}

ciao! fabiana


Unknown said...

Love all these! I was just out looking for some succulents today! Now a follower!

Sandy said...

Makes me want to go buy some succulents!

Katy @ Lolly Linens said...

So beautiful!

Pamela said...

I love that wreath!! Thanx for joining THT!

Zefy Arlinda said...

so beautiful, love it


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