April 29, 2012

highlights of the spring garden show

Fairy Gardens
One of my favorite things at the Southern California Garden Show at South Coast Plaza is seeing the "Fairy Gardens".  They are miniature vignettes created in pots that are fairy-scale.  It's like a combination little doll house garden mixed with bonsai.  The details are really fun!

Orange Coast College Horticulture Club's
Garden for the Visually Impaired
This is a garden experience for everyone.  It featured a lot of textural and fragrant plants, so as you walk through the exhibit, you can enjoy the feel and fragrance of a lovely California garden.

Visually impaired guests were
welcomed graciously in this beautiful garden. 

Lavender, Jerusalem sage {yellow flower],
scented geraniums and velvety succulents.

A great mix of succulents and herbs dominated the display

The center of the exhibit featured a large topographical globe for touching.

Plant descriptions written in braille

Fragrant Sage and fuzzy succulents

 Large exhibits...

Carved wooden vessels act like natural bird baths.

An inviting zen garden recreated in the mall.  

Sit down and enjoy this long stone fountain.

A great combination of a nest 
swing and a starfish pond. 

The centerpiece of the garden show.

A creative water feature.

Favorite Details...
a huge variety of succulents for sale

Plumeria stalks were available 
for sale and  are so easy to grow. 
They remind me of Hawaii.

Begonias and other interesting plants.

A living wall.

This is a great idea!
A variety of succulents growing in a single 1 gallon pot.

Beautiful bonsai.

A huge variety of geraniums.
My mom would love this table!

A trough of succulents topped off with a faucet.

A twig chair garden.

A tiny filled seashell.

A centerpiece candelabra. 

Square and heart shaped succulent wreaths.

A showstopping, tightly filled wreath. 

Fill up this moss handbag with your favorite plant.

A natural valentine.

How about a vintage boat filled with coral-shaped plants? 

You can't have too many shoes.

 Great colors and great ideas!

For another tour of the garden show with lots 
of gorgeous succulents, click here.

ciao! fabiana

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