January 20, 2018

a super easy valentine treat

Time is a precious commodity for us all,
so check out this time saving dessert…

a minute and a half to prepare…

you see, it’s just a little valentine cake
that’s available at Trader Joe’s right now,

and all I did was buy it along
with a package of raspberries,
and place it on a small pedestal plate. 

The cake is petite in size,
only about five inches across,
but it's big on flavor!

To get this look, all you have to do is
outline the cake with luscious red raspberries and serve.  
This classic flavor combination will please 
just about anyone!

By the way,
I don’t have any sort of affiliation with Trader Joe’s,
I’m just a fan and love sharing my favorite things with you!

ciao! fabiana

January 19, 2018

my friday five

A great way to beat the winter blues
is to add a little bit of summer fun into our homes. 

That's why my table's all set with a little bit of coastal inspiration this weekend!

And speaking of the weekend

it's definitely a cause for a little 
mental celebration and 
a little physical relaxation.

It’s been a busy week, I’m sure… for us all!

But, I do want to tell you
I have a few fun things lined up for the blog next week,

but in the meantime,

I wanted to share a few of things I’m
slightly obsessed with this week…

I’m planning on hydrating, exfoliating
and soothing my skin all at once with
this gorgeous handmade organic
oatmeal, goat milk and loofah soap
that also contains essential oils.

Al these natural ingredients are perfect for 
cleansing my face and keeping is healthy.

my amazing friend Agnes,
who cares as much about organic 
products as I do!

The lastest craze,
and deservedly so…

Trader Joe’s
Everything but the Bagel
Sesame Seasoning Blend!

If you haven’t tried this,
march on over to your local
Trader Joe’s and try it!

I gave up eating all breads and bagels,
except for Ezekiel Bread,
a few months ago, so this little shaker
gives me the sensation of eating a
doughy "everything bagel" without the consequences!

I just sprinkle it on my eggs
in the morning and yum…

My bagel cravings subside!

Speaking of Trader Joe’s,
another one of my new obsessions are these
"Nothing but Fruit & Nuts" wafers.

It’s like a grown-up version of a fruit roll-up!

My favorite is the Fig & Walnut flavor,
and literally, all it has in it is figs and walnuts.

They also come in Apricot & Almond 
and Date, Hazelnut & Cacao.

My husband and I had the
most amazing time in Westwood over the long weekend
and we stayed at a new little boutique hotel
named the Plaza La Reina,

right near the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

Please check back next week for all the fabulous
details and lots more photos of this
darling vintage-inspired little getaway!

(It's such a romantic destination too!)

ciao for now! 



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