August 20, 2011

breakfast at the Orange Circle

It’s been a few years since I visited the Orange Circle, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover so many great places to eat. Watson's Soda Fountain and Felix's Cuban restaurant have been there for decades and still serve great food, but this place is really buzzing with a boatload of other fun restaurants to dine in. 

Many offer outdoor seating and have great menus. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are so many great choices.  

Bruxie is a new take on the authentic BelgianWaffle

Felix Continental Cafe

Huevos Rancheros

Haven Gastropub & Kimmie's Coffee Cup

Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen

Paris in a Cup Tea Salon

Watson's Drug & Soda Fountain

a premier drug store and soda fountain shop for over 100 years!

At the center of it all is the beautiful Orange Circle
After enjoying a great meal, visit one of the many huge antique malls located all around the Orange Circle.  You're bound to come home with a treasure or two.  We did!

ciao! fabiana

August 19, 2011

charmed by louis vuitton

A Louis Vuiton charm bracelet...
a girl can dream, can’t she?

View more charms here.

ciao! fabiana

my friday five

Welcome to the weekend. 
Only 3 more left this summer, 
and then the kids go back to school (sigh). 
Here are some things that I'm loving today...
1. Anne Hathaway in Interview Magazine with dramatic b&w photos and interviewed by Chelsea Handler.

2. "Bumble-Ardy", a new book out by Maurice Sendak, of "Where the Wild Things Are" fame. It's his first book in 30 years.

3. Pizzetta Company 77's mobile pizza unit is a pizza party on wheels. And best of all, this full-sized fire truck can come directly to your house or event. They offer pizza, salads, beer/wine, and vegan and gluten free options, and are primarily solar powered! 


4. My little dream car! The Fiat 500. Can you imagine zipping around town in this cute little thing? They even have a Barbie version! 
Fiat 500

5. Looking for end-of-summer movie ideas? One of my all-time favorite movies, Breaking Away, is #1 on this list.

ciao! fabiana

August 16, 2011

refreshing summer cocktails

A friend of mine recently got married 
at Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas 
and then had a lovely wedding reception here 
in Newport Beach, at her parents house.  

One of the many delicious
drinks served that day
was a Pimm's Cup.

I’d never had that cocktail before,
but now it's now my favorite summer drink.

As party favors,
they passed out little handmade booklets
with the couple's favorite summer cocktail recipes.
I love this idea!  
Here’s a sampling...  
Pimm's Cup
Cucumber & Thyme Gimlet


Maui Mai Tai

ciao! fabiana

August 15, 2011

puttanesca, soul surfer, and more

Weekend wrap-up...
Nadia of "Bitchin' Kitchen"
I have a new favorite recipe, thanks to naughty Nadia of Bitchin' Kitchen.  I was minding my  own business, just watching the Cooking Channel, when all of a sudden, I'm drawn in to this recipe for Zesty Spaghetti a la Putanesca.  Yum, it looked so good and easy to make, even a guy could make this, seriously!  (No hate mail please)

Anyways, it's a simple combination of olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, tomatoes, and I had to try this.  The aroma was enticing, and the flavors all just melded together into it's own unique taste. I can't wait to make it again. It's a classic Italian recipe, and so easy to make. 

A real highlight of this weekend was a surprise visit from Bethany Hamilton, of Soul Surfer fame. The Christian Surfers Outreach group was at the beach in Newport during one of it's monthly events, and Bethany was nearby and stopped by to say "Hi" to all the kids.  She was as sweet as can be, and my son was so happy to meet her. What a great inspiration she is for so many.

Bethany Hamilton stopped by to say "Hi" at Christian Surfers Outreach 

We also hosted a small pre-party before 
my husband's high school reunion. 
It's always fun to see this special group!  
We had tacos  and margaritas, yum!

small pre-party for the reunion

I can't wait to see what next weekend has in store.

ciao! fabiana

mini handbags

we're seeing some mini handbags 
that are so cute, easy and fun. 

Those huge bags can be 
so heavy and clumsy. 

I'm all for this "hands-free" look! 

ciao! fabiana

source: who what wear


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