July 15, 2011

tresor le mer

Rachele Ashcraft's daily walks on the beach have inspired a beautiful array of framed sea treasures, that  she calls "Tresor le Mer". From the beautiful and rugged coastline of Corona del Mar, Rachele has evolved from a collector of sea fans and starfish to an artist of unique style. 

The first projects Rachele started with were carefully selected sea fans. She chose them for their unique and beautiful shapes and then mounted them between two panes of glass to create clean, crisp framed pieces of art. She finishes every piece off by custom painting each frame in an aged patina that ranges from shades of cream and turquoise to deep, rich browns. The beach and sea are her color palette, and nature is her guide.  

Since 2010, Tresor le Mer has been producing a variety of framed sea treasures, and is now also featuring starfish, sand dollars and nautiluses. Rachele is also collaborating with Living Simplistically, a Malibu based artist who creates driftwood frames and mirrors. The driftwood or crackle-finished frames only add to the beauty of her Pacific-found pieces. 

Some of Tresor le Mer's framed pieces can be found at A Fine Affair, the Newport Colony Company, the Malibu Colony Company, and Caron's Beach House, to name a few. A large framed sea fan by Tresor le Mer was a prominant piece of artwork in a bedroom  that was part of the Harbor Day School Home Tour. Rachele is more than happy to collaborate with interior designers and boutique owners.

Most mornings, Rachele can be found cruising the beach in Corona del Mar with her trusty black lab, Hercules, but it's stormy weather that washes up the best treasure. Until then, we can all enjoy Rachele's artistry.

ciao! fabiana

hooray weekend!

This photo of Marilyn is 
my inspiration for the weekend.  

A lounge around kind of weekend
and I'm so thankful it's quiet around the house...
hope you get to do a little of the same!

ciao! fabiana


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