January 4, 2023

farmhouse style for spring 2023

Wishing you all the happiest of new years!!


Just before the end of the year, I received the newest issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style magazine that includes a few of my latest contributions.


I must say, this is one of the most beautiful issues of Farmhouse Style to date, and it’s so fitting, as they celebrate their 5th year!


“Oh my, Muffins” is the recipe article for this edition, and I have two contributions. 

The first is an all-time favorite of mine, Morning Glory Muffins. These muffins are filled with grated carrots, apples, pineapple, coconut, raisins and pecans and just a touch of orange zest, and they’re so good!  


Morning Glory muffins were my biggest craving when I was pregnant, and I would buy them at Sunflour Bakery here in Costa Mesa. 

They’re no longer around, so I learned how to make them on my own and I even added a little twist to the recipe with the addition of orange zest!


Savory muffins are very underrated and so delicious. There are so many options for savory muffins, but this Zucchini Picnic Muffin is my favorite.


Bacon, onion, zucchini, cheddar and herbs add the most lovely flavor profile to these delectable muffins, and they sure are so perfect for a picnic!


Starting on page 8, you can read all about bread boards and cutting boards and how they can add warmth to your kitchen and home with fun ways to display them.


I have a few favorite bread boards that are vintage, and I use them all the time for bread and other baked goods.


Isn’t this tablecloth cute too? It’s one from my gingham collection.


A few fun suggestions on how to “Elevate your Address” are shared on page 102, and they even included my DIY painted doormat that I submitted last year for a different article.


This issue is just filled with pretty farmhouse style home tours, and this kitchen is one of my favorites…

I love those green painted doors and all the rustic textures in this home. The fancy mirror and interesting variety of light fixtures make this so fun!

Here’s another inspiring interior, and can you believe this is the inside of a shed?! The silhouette collection and antique daybed really speak to me.

And this kitchen.... 

Love it!!


Here’s another peek at my favorite bread boards. The search will continue on in 2023 for another one or two boards that may cross my path.


This is just one of the many lovely things I love to collect.


What’s on your radar this year for collecting?





ciao! fabiana


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January 3, 2023

sheet pan mac and cheese


Hi, friends. It’s been busy around here with a new garden potager project we’re working on. We removed all the lawn from our backyard that faces my garden shed, and I designed 6 raised beds for planting all sorts of veggies and herbs. 


In the meantime, you won’t need any veggies and herbs to whip up this amazing Sheet Pan Mac and Cheese recipe for supper. 

It appeared in the Kitchen Makeovers Issue of Country Sampler a while back, and this recipe is still a huge hit for my family, so this is what’s for dinner tonight!



I’ll be back soon with pictures of my new potager garden, and I hope you have a fabulous day! xoxo  





ciao! fabiana


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pretty flowers for every room

With the start of the new year comes the anticipation for spring and summer flowers! Now’s the time when I get motivated to clean up the garden. Prune, weed and prepare for what mother nature has in store.


My goal is to have pretty cut flowers at a whim. A little bouquet here, and a large bunch of flowers there… Every room should have a hint of floral charm!  

That’s why I just love this pretty vignette with nasturtiums and another one with gorgeous zinnias from Butter Wakefield’s Instagram page.


I love these colors!

This jungly room is just what the doctor ordered on a cold and wintery day. I love the vintage furnishings too. It’s so cozy. Spotted in House Beautiful UK.

Colorful roses and pots of coleus are offset by the calm serene look of the ferns and other houseplants. This is a spectacular room by Bunny Williams, and of course it would't be the same without the addition of these pretty flowers.


Sometimes all you want is a little hint of lovely at the table, and the garden is just the right place to find a darling rose or burst of wildflower. (From Victoria magazine)


Just a touch of floral delight is all that’s needed in this moody corner. I’d love to start my day right here with a hot cup of coffee and a peek at the outside world.

The idea of using baskets to hold plants, small and large, really appeals to me. Best of all, we all have baskets laying around here and there, so let’s put them to good use. (From Victoria magazine)


A little trio of elegant plants finds a home in this beautiful basket. Sometimes baskets are already lined with plastic, which makes them perfect for planting. Try this winning combination of Hellebore, Hyacinth and Echevarria.  


Another option would be to create a living arrangement in a vintage tin. White flowers are the perfect choice for winter.


A winning view like this deserves a little spot of color, so this potted azalea works perfectly. (From Victoria magazine)

Azaleas can be enjoyed in bloom for several weeks, and then you can just plant them into the garden and watch them grow and flower for years to come!


ciao! fabiana


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You can check out some of my favorites here at Tablescaping Essentials*. 





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