January 3, 2023

pretty flowers for every room

With the start of the new year comes the anticipation for spring and summer flowers! Now’s the time when I get motivated to clean up the garden. Prune, weed and prepare for what mother nature has in store.


My goal is to have pretty cut flowers at a whim. A little bouquet here, and a large bunch of flowers there… Every room should have a hint of floral charm!  

That’s why I just love this pretty vignette with nasturtiums and another one with gorgeous zinnias from Butter Wakefield’s Instagram page.


I love these colors!

This jungly room is just what the doctor ordered on a cold and wintery day. I love the vintage furnishings too. It’s so cozy. Spotted in House Beautiful UK.

Colorful roses and pots of coleus are offset by the calm serene look of the ferns and other houseplants. This is a spectacular room by Bunny Williams, and of course it would't be the same without the addition of these pretty flowers.


Sometimes all you want is a little hint of lovely at the table, and the garden is just the right place to find a darling rose or burst of wildflower. (From Victoria magazine)


Just a touch of floral delight is all that’s needed in this moody corner. I’d love to start my day right here with a hot cup of coffee and a peek at the outside world.

The idea of using baskets to hold plants, small and large, really appeals to me. Best of all, we all have baskets laying around here and there, so let’s put them to good use. (From Victoria magazine)


A little trio of elegant plants finds a home in this beautiful basket. Sometimes baskets are already lined with plastic, which makes them perfect for planting. Try this winning combination of Hellebore, Hyacinth and Echevarria.  


Another option would be to create a living arrangement in a vintage tin. White flowers are the perfect choice for winter.


A winning view like this deserves a little spot of color, so this potted azalea works perfectly. (From Victoria magazine)

Azaleas can be enjoyed in bloom for several weeks, and then you can just plant them into the garden and watch them grow and flower for years to come!


ciao! fabiana


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