July 17, 2020

fresh summer vibes

Here we are in the middle of July, and I’m finally in the “summer zone”. The weather’s been so nice here, and even though we’re home all the time, I’m really embracing everything SUMMER! 

I’m creating a little staycation vibe for myself every day. Lovely fresh fruit for breakfast, a dip in the pool, and then a little iced coffee with lunch, that’s what I have planned for today since there’s no vacation for us this summer. 

I also have been kept busy with producing, styling and photographing six projects for a favorite magazine's Spring 2021 issue, if you can believe it! Two are gardening related, two are DIY home projects, one is a fun baking recipe and the one I’m working on today involves upcycling a small vintage table with milk paint and a lovely detailed design... more on that later! 

In the meantime, my lovlies, I hope your embracing summertime. These photos are a little inspiration from the newest issue of Cottages & Bungalows that features some of my favorite backyard spots. 

It’s all about the presentation! Pamper yourself with a glass of lemonade garnished with a pretty strawberry or make yourself something refreshing like this Fruity Iced Tea Spritzer.   

You deserve it!  

ciao! fabiana

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Photos by Bret Gum


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