September 8, 2021

pumpkins galore


September means the start of pumpkin season, and this week I’m on the prowl for the most beautiful pumpkins to last me the whole season, through to Thanksgiving.


I really love the pale clay-colored ones mixed in with white, blue, gray, and green pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Roger’s Gardens always has a great selection, and I’m not sure if they have any yet, but I’m headed there to find out.


Pumpkins are fun in just about every room, like the dining room…


and the breakfast room...

And even the sunroom!

Here’s last year’s family room mantel, styled simply with a few of my favorite pumpkins and sprigs of eucalyptus.


This is the same mantel, but style exclusively for Country Sampler Farmhouse Style. I think I shot this last November, and you can check it out in the most current issue on page 97.


This vignette is also featured in the Autumn issue of CSFS, on page 8. Here I’ve used pumpkins that are truer in color, but still have a more unique shape. I love the long stems on the little pumpkins!


And speaking of little pumpkins, aren’t these sweet? This was a really fun table to set using Fete Home’s lovely napkins, tablecloth and bone napkin rings.


In fact, I recently listed these exact napkin rings on our Ebay Blog Shop. It’ll be hard to part with these beauties, but I’m literally running out of drawer and cabinet space. You can check them out HERE, for a song!


For me this is a fun way to share some of my favorite tablescaping goodies with all of you!  


There are also a few napkins and tea towels available. In fact, these “LOVE” towels are so cute used as oversized napkins for any occasion. Check them out HERE and then visit our napkin section of the Blog Shop. We will be listing more later this week, so please check back.


It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and I have these gorgeous Vagabond House items listed that make the most gorgeous presents or striking statement in your own home.


Again, it’s heartbreaking to let these treasures go, but space is really limited around here.


Little brass reindeer are just such a cute accent, and you can see here how I used them to style a Christmas Morning Table that appeared in Cottages & Bungalows magazine a couple years back.


It’s perfectly alright to mix metals like silver and gold, especially during the holidays. These little guys are actually place card holders, but they look right at home just among the greenery and faux snow at the center of the table.


Christmas will be here before we know it, so I should really focus on fall. As I sit here finishing this post, I’m so grateful you’re here to share it with me.


I’m now headed to Corona del Mar to see if Roger’s is loaded with pumpkins yet. I need to pick up some fall tomato plants anyways, so hopefully, there will be pumpkins galore!

ciao! fabiana



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