July 16, 2021

summer sunflowers


We interrupt the regularly scheduled program for a few bright and cheery sunflowers in the living room. 🌻  

They top off this antique card catalog cabinet I found a few weeks ago at a local shop. I elevated it with a set of black iron hairpin legs. This was such an easy project to put together. 

After I cleaned up this piece of furniture with a little soap and water, I realized I had to rip off the veneer on the top that was peeling and chipped in so many places. Luckily there was a nice wood surface underneath that I simply stained and waxed to match the existing wood tones. 


Part of my pitcher collection now sits on top. I can’t get enough of these vintage and new pouring vessels because they’re just so useful and cute! Cut flowers from the garden always look great in them. 


Back to this little cabinet. It’s got 18 little drawers that I have yet to fill, and I’m not sure what to put in all of them. Originally, I thought napkins would be perfect, but honestly, I have way too many to be able to store them all in one place. 


My friend Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage suggested storing art supplies in there which is a great idea. I think I’ll also store some of my seasonal props in there too, like little pumpkins, and bottle brush trees. 

What do think? I’d love to hear your suggestion of what you’d fill all these little drawers with.  


As always, the eucalyptus is clipped from my neighbor Maureen’s tree who’s always willing let me snip a few overgrown branches. 🌿πŸ₯° I love how it looks with the sunflowers. 

As the week winds down, I think I'm heading to a few of my favorite thrift stores today. I never know what I might find!


ciao! fabiana 



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