February 7, 2023

traditional home: gorgeous kitchens


I’m just popping in today to share some


kitchens I’ve recently seen in 

Traditional Home magazine.

As a true enthusiast of so many different styles,

I love seeing unique mixes of different design genres
creating true eclectic d├ęcor.

One thing I know for sure is
a kitchen has to be bright and cheerful,


 that’s were many of us spend

One thing that’s most important is how a room 

makes you feel.

Add elements that you love,
but remember not to make your kitchen feel cluttered.

How can you not feel happy seeing this

Do you have anything special on your kitchen wish list?  

All these lovely photos are from Traditional Home magazine.

ciao fabiana


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You can check out some of my favorites here at Tablescaping Essentials*. 




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