October 13, 2018

pumpkins on display

Walking through Roger’s Gardens 
this time of the year is always a special treat! 

I love checking out all their special 
pumpkin vignettes that are mixed in with 

crusty terracotta pots, 

amazing farmhouse tables, 

baskets of herbs 


interesting statues. 

Here’s a little mini tour of my favorite fall scenes…

 ciao! fabiana

October 11, 2018

just another October day

Meet Dugan... one of our five furry friends who also call this place home. He's been quite the helper today following me around and supervising everything! 

Fall décor is finally making an appearance around here, and this year I’m in love with those soft muted colored pumpkins that are so pretty and seem go with all décor styles.

I found a pretty mini olive topiary yesterday in this gorgeously distressed clay pot. So perfect for the front door, after I added a few tiny white pumpkins and moss around the perimeter of the pot.

Here’s a snapshot of the dining nook from a couple of weeks ago. I just love the copper accents with the gray and white fall colors.

On our family room mantel, I’ve also used a simple grouping of gray, green and cream colored pumpkins which fit in nicely with the existing décor.  

“Hello, Sweater Weather!" I just love this little sign… and yes, after the really hot summer we've had, I’m ready to be sporting some cute sweaters.

This is the only orangy pumpkin that I bought this year because I fell in love with the terracota quality of it. It's one of those "Cinderella" pumpkins that are a little bit flatter on top. Perfect for stacking!

So that's a little bit of the fall touches you'll find around here. I'm not going overboard this year with lots of "stuff"...

As always, sunflowers are hard for me to resist during the fall season. They just really help usher in the whole season, don't they?

What do you think... do you like the sunflowers with the brown centers or the yellow centers? 

Just wondering…. 🌻

ciao! fabiana

October 8, 2018

blue and white for fall

Happy Monday!

I just wanted to give a little peek at a couple of little things I’ve been working on.

You can just catch a glimpse of my first milk paint project. It was really fun refinishing this antique Victorian dresser that we had in our front hall way. I love the results I got with the milk paint, and the color, patina and texture are amazing!

Other than that, I’m also working a fun floral project, so here’s a peek….  Blue and white for fall seems to work around here!

 ciao! fabiana


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