August 15, 2014

Lauren Bacall, Paris & a favorite recipe

I came across this recipe and sentiment this week by 
Lauren Bacall for a lovely watercress and potato soup
and wanted to share it as a little part of the amazing 
woman that she was behind the glamour.


Lauren Bacall and husband Humphrey Bogart enjoy cocktails in Paris on March 23, 1951

 She writes…

"This recipe has been chosen by me as a favorite recipe for the simple, logical reason that I had it for the first time on my first trip to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. It was a happy time, as it always is in Paris, so I pass this on hoping that a flavor of the city of the chestnut trees will be felt by all who have Potage Cressonniere."

Potage Cressonniere  (Watercress Soup) 

Servings 6 – 8
1 lb potatoes
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ pints milk (heated)
one bunch of watercress
1 oz butter
Peel the potatoes, quarter them and boil them in salted water until tender.
 Drain, crush them with a potato-masher, and when free from all lumps add the boiling milk and salt.
 While the potatoes are soaking, wash and pick the leaves off the watercress and chop roughly.
Add to the soup and cook for 5-6 minutes.
Take off the fire and add the butter.

Pour into a hot tureen and serve.

I'll be making this tonight.

(Maybe with a little champagne to toast Ms. Bacall!)

ciao! fabiana

August 13, 2014

the newport showroom of Barclay Butera

Blue and white is always a classic,
and I love how Barclay Butera Interiors also 
has thrown Orange into the mix!

The Butera Newport Beach showroom is 
always full of inspiration and lovely finds!

Coastal elements are naturally great 
accents for our local beach inspired decor.
It's so fun how these vignettes 
are mixed and matched!

I especially love these huge hurricane 
candle holders trimmed with brass.
Wouldn't they look amazing on any table?

So versatile, too!   

A bar cart always is in fashion,
especially with a great art piece
 as a backdrop.

And don't forget, fresh fruit
 and flowers add an 
organic and feminine touch

What are some of your favorite finds this week?

ciao! fabiana

August 12, 2014

vase collection display

Today's inspiration was spotted at 
Roger's Gardens.

A pretty collection of 
milky white and Tiffany blue vases,
with a few select tulips displayed.

So pretty for a dining room!

ciao! fabiana

favorite home coffee stations

Wouldn't it be wonderful 
to have a place devoted solely 
to your morning cup of coffee?

One of my favorite set-ups 
is this coffee cart created 
by Victoria of the SF Girl by Bay blog. 

I love that she used a four tiered cart, and that 
there's plenty of storage for all her java needs.
Pretty flowers and artwork make it perfect!

I use the same Moka Express
every morning,
& isn't that the cutest sugar bowl?

 This slim coffee cabinet even comes with a 
pot filler to make coffee an effortless affair!

A variety of pretty cups from 
the Inspired Room,
are ready to be filled,
and is a must on the counter!

My Sweet Savannah's 
simple coffee set-up is to die for! 

 The queen of all good things, Martha Stewart,
hasn't left a single thing out in her
coffee station!

How about some
 java on the rocks?

How do you like to start your day?

ciao! fabiana


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